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Modifikasi Yamaha Nouvo-Z For Contezt

Down in advance in class fashion Contezt 2011 MOTOR Plus Skubek ago, although it looks pretty but the Yamaha Nouvo-Z Arief Rahman Hashim's not the worst. Moreover, the regulation states cover body and legs skubek can be changed without losing the identity.But what is done on a steed Arief mempercatik only a few parts, whose direction is more to change the standard fashion acceptable to the class. If any part of change is quite heavy, it just looks at the helm.
Modifikasi Yamaha Nouvo-Z For Contezt
gambar Modifikasi Yamaha Nouvo-Z For Contezt

"Handlebar have replaced Yamaha X1-R that is fit for Yamaha skubek. Let baseball too empty, cardboard mounted behind tebeng mini digital player speaker devices placed in the trunk, "said resident Jl. Taruna Jaya, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. Assisted by Billy, Billy Speed ​​modifier in Dam Jago, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, this focus on change mounts bolt-on aka buy, install and so. Can be seen on a stretcher front legs coupled quasi Gazi Japan Gold DID rims size 140/17.
Most excited if you see changes in the hind legs. CVT home following Japan DID rims 140/17 Gold plated Satan Thailand 60/90-17 tires, Gazi quasi guncangana muted as well. The difference, Panom aftermarket swing arm has replaced the original.
Master brake: KTC
Caliper: KTC 4 piston
Cover the fan: Variations Yamaha
Exhaust: Custom
Engine: 150 cc Bore Up


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